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The Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra takes great pride in the fact we are a professional orchestra. What this simply means is our musicians are paid for both their time and talent. At our core we believe this does two very important things. First, it ensures the highest caliber of performance. Second, it helps ensure future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy the performing arts as these opportunities for "paid gigs" are the ultimate goal for many young students who love music.

Because of this approach, it is very expensive to put on a symphony concert. Our musicians are typically asked to attend two rehearsals and the concert itself. Payroll for a single concert hovers around $25,000 - and it's worth every penny - but doesn't account for other necessities such as marketing and insurance. And, unfortunately, ticket sales don't come anywhere near to the point of "covering our costs."  The symphony helps make ends meet by having a completely volunteer administrative team. But even with dedicated board members and volunteers we have to rely on the kindness of friends and family, who also believe in the importance of music in our community. That's where generous sponsors and donors come into play. Through your support - of any amount - we are able to recruit and rehearse; practice and perform; entertain and educate.

So as we continue to plan our seasons we ask you to open your hearts and ears to the power of performance, and if you can - open your wallet - to show your support for the performing arts, classical music and its ability to improve our quality of life in Oshkosh.